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Hi Mohican.

I guess i'm the first vote. Strange feeling being first.

I have a few opinions on why WB should be saved. I've researched many writer's support forums. There is a huge population of writers on the net. When WB had many more members, in my opinion, it was because it appealed to a cross systen of writers, many of whom were just starting out, and a smaller number who had already got established (discovered their voices) and wanted to give back. Of all the forums I surveyed only WB welcomed the beginner. It was a worthwhile forum.

But there were problems. The biggest problem was trying to do too much. It promsed a Quarterly Magizine that never happened. It promised contests and reconition to winners that never happened. The moderators played the role of cops rather than mentors.

Yet, we banged along. When the IT forum came along it sucked all the enthusian out of the other forums. I pushed hard for the IT forum and now realize it helped kill the site. For those participating in IT they stoped their creative writing and put their engergies into ideas, attacking and defending them. And although I found meaning for my ideas in IT I seldom worked on my creative projects. In hindsight I see IT was a terrible idea. Anyway, that's my take.

I suspect that Crowdgather isn't interested in maintaining WB or they would have fixed the problems after moving it. I actually think that decision to abandon WB was made before the move, which is why no outreach was conducted to let us know of the downtime. They knew there'd be a drop in membership without prepping the members.

However, if there is enough interest generated in a 'newly designed' WB which will be better with more focus, and better outreadh (I'm not talking about Facebook here) they might be suduced into carrying us for the develmental period.

On the other hand, WB, under a new name, could make a deal with any number of writer oriented websites. (Crowdgather seems over committed with 'ganja' forums which may explain why they have such a hard time getting anything done.)

The moderators who left, and past moderators, would be the key to success of a new effort. If just a few of the current members expressed a desire for a 'newly improved forum' some of those moderators would come back to help.

Awh, hell! Those are my thoughts. But a voice in my head is saying 'Grow up. Everyhing dies. Be rational.'

But I also know that if there's a will with enough people they can do the impossible. So maybe I'll hear from others who want what I want. wrc

You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.
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