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Originally Posted by Tau View Post
That works alright when all you are doing is picking a theme, but as the contests are tied into the WBQ, it is slightly more complicated. Also the WBQ is on hiatus right now, which mean that the contests are as well.

Now I could just throw a theme at you all to work with, but with no prise and no framework how is that different then something in the Prompts and challenges section, or even the general fiction section?
For me there are two differences.

First of all, it's a competition which in itself is a motivating concept since it pits writers against each other.

Secondly, having read many of the challenges in the Prompts and Challenges section and having felt invariably uninspired, there is the brevity of choice that came with the competition. I personally find the Prompts and Challenges too specific, like being in school. A single word theme gives you a lot more latitude.

I didn't enter the last contest for prizes. It was nice to have a story published in the WBQ (even though someone decided it was a good idea to put a big spoiler at the beginning in the shape of a picture of a discarded oven), but it was far from a motivating factor.

Perhaps I'm different from everyone else? I don't know. I would just love to try another contest that's all.