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Actually, the villain I had in mind had these traits:

-He's the most feared wizard to have ever existed in the realm. He was born the son of a sorceress and a pure-blood human astronomer. His maternal grandfather was a misanthropistic wizard who detested humans, but neveretheless loved his wife and daughter. (hated his son-in-law though and the fact that she had a child with a human)
-When he was an infant, his father was killed by his grandfather despite the fact that he had defended his wife from a mob of witch hunters. To protect him from his grandfather's wrath, his mother placed him in the care of trusted friends before she died of a broken heart.
-He grew up shunned, feared by normal humans because of his ancestry and his potential, and seen as an abomination by his own brethren because of the circumstances of his birth. Nevertheless, he was able to find love and father two sons, yet he remained an outcast.
-Following the death of his wife at the hands of witchhunters, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Wanting to be accepted by humanity because he is a halfblood human, he turns on his own brethren and kills many of them in his homeland, exploiting a loophole in the laws of wizardry which allows him to kill his own kind with magic. Then he sets his sights on his grandfather who has terrorized the people of the land for many years in retribution against humanity whom he blames for the death of his daughter.
-Ultimately, he slays his grandfather, freeing the land from his wrath, but the people of the land only abhor and fear him even more because of what he has become. Seeing all hope of acceptance gone, he creates a race of creatures through a combination of dark magic and his own blood, cursing the land with eternal darkness so they can thrive. His creations exterminate all human life in his homeland before he is defeated, robbed of his powers and memory before being cast into another world by another wizard.
-He spends nearly the next sixteen centuries trying to make a fresh start, having many families, only for people to ultimately come to fear him because of his mysterious slow aging.
-At one point, he lived in the town of Salem, only to flee after his wife and daughters were killed in the witch hunts. This event stirs up a memory of his past and who he once was.
-In the present day, he is befriended by the protagonist who ultimately helps him return to his homeland. He reunites with his elder son and ultimately is aided by the protagonist into regaining his powers and memories. But when the realm once again rejects him even in spite of using his powers for a heroic purpose, it ultimately drives him over the edge.
-He amplifies the curse he cast long ago to engulf the entire realm and allows it to spread onto the Earth, allowing the creatures he created to thrive and unleash themselves upon humanity. Having grown even more disgusted with humanity because of the way he was treated and the way people treated each other, he vows to eradicate all humanity from both his homeworld and Earth. One he is satisfied that a cruel species will no longer continue to exist, he will then destroy himself and end his own miserable existence. Only the protagonist will be spared the wrath of his minions because of his compassion towards him, the wizard himself calls him the only true friend he ever had.
-In the end ultimately, the protagonist is forced to attempt to stop him. During his journey, he is joined by his allies including his lover, the dark wizards elder son, as well as the spirits of his parents and grandparents. Mother and father are both horrified by what their son has become and the depths of his madness. Sorrowfully, they come to the heartbreaking conclusion that for his own sake, he needs to be put down. Grandmother sides with her daughter and son-in-law, agreeing that her grandson needs to be stopped for the sake of humanity, while grandfather is only interested in revenge, yet he doesn't care even if the protagonist fails and humanity dies. The dark wizard bitterly blames his mother and father for bringing him into such a cruel heartless world that made it clear that there was no place in it for someone like him.
-Ultimately, the curse is lifted. In battle with the protagonist, he is granted the death he long sought. As he lays dying, the spirits of his mother and father comfort him and even sing the lullabye they sung for him as a baby. Realizing that his mother and father truly loved him and how different his life would have been if they had lived long enough to raise him, he makes peace with them and dies, joining his family in the afterlife where he finally finds peace and acceptance.
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