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Originally Posted by flyingtart View Post
I don't think Myers and Brian are treating this subject with the gravity it so clearly deserves.

The best way to make a villain tragic is to introduce a fatal flaw that undermines his villainy. For example, you could have a serial rapist who, by a cruel twist of fate lost his penis in a freak combine harvester accident while picking daisies in his youth. Lacking the necessary equipment for his chosen villainy, he is forced to improvise using everyday objects. The pathetic image of a rapist relying on an unripe banana to violate his victim would surely melt the heart of even the most cynical reader.

Other possibles are:

a pickpocket with no fingers
a blind hitman
an evil genius with ADHD
Originally Posted by DwayneA View Post
Actually, the villain I had in mind had these traits:

-He's the most feared Lizard to have ever existed in the realm. He was born the son of a sorceress and a pure-blood human astronomer but never got his letter via owl.mumble

Flying Tart is correct, he came seeking help but then again .....wizard......

that should have been abbreviated a touch
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