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this guy will probably one of the most complex characters in the story because of his character arc. At the start of the story, he starts off as a friend of the protagonist, joins up with the realmwide rebellion against an enemy force, making him a heroic type of character. However, much later in the story, something happens that drives him over the edge and reverts him back to who he was before he was originally cast out onto Earth, eventually replacing the antagonist as the new antagonist the protagonist struggles against.

I have more ideas for him. He has involved himself throughout the years he spent in exile on Earth working with others to change the way human society worked. He worked on the underground railroad helping slaves escape to Canada, fought for the north in the Civil War, attended a rally where Martin Luther King made a speech, participated in the feminist movement, and other human rights movements. Several times, because of his beliefs, he had become the victim of hate crimes.

Yet he feels that he never did get the respect he deserved and became disillusioned and disgusted with humanity. When the protagonist restores his memories and powers, he uses his them to defend a kingdom from the invading force. This action finally wins him the respect he so long desired. But when the previous antagonist, revealed to be one of his sons, transforms him back into the form he had chosen long ago before he waged war against his own bretheren and humanity in two kingdoms, the horrified population reject him in fear. With all hope of acceptance gone, he denounces the antagonist as his son in anger.

Driven over the edge, he plunges both this world and Earth into eternal darkness to allow the creatures he created long ago to thrive and hunt humanity towards extinction. Only the protagonist and his allies, including the spirits of the new antagonist's parents and grandparents, and another of his sons, can stop him.

His motivations for what he is doing is not just because of anger from being rejected by society simply for who he is, he is also disgusted by humanity, not just for the way he was treated, but because of the way humanity treats each other. How they destroy their environment in the name of progress and profit. How they hunt their wildlife for sport. Once he succeeds in his goal, he will then destroy himself.

He and the protagonist have a complex relationship as many good hero vs villain relationships.

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