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oooh interesting anna. I looked closer at the trippy photo you shared

on her shoulder there, a star and circle was slapped on the lady,
hmm. I don't think she wants that symbol on her body or anywhere near her heart.

look look, it can and does dissipate

we could love a new kind of game couldn't we.
what a world having to be the ones to be forced to play
Meh, writers at the library. We are a forum community
and nobody should ever be dragged away for sharing the truth

that truth is freedom soon

I tell you a story about a woman who betrayed me back in August 2016, I'd known her for over a decade and she was paid to say somethings that I knew were being fed to her. Hugging the woman I knew since being a young teen, I told her, "I know what you are doing and you know that I have always loved you because you are my mom's best friend,"
"Yes," she forced out, "Yes, I know you love me, but," she flopped down on the bed, "What do you know? How do you know am in on anything. What are you gonna do?"
Packing my clothes into my backpack my insides trembled, "I don't know, but even if I did, I won't be telling you," I finished packing my bag for nowhere, "I was warned about you," I vaguely said, "Damnit. You--" I walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs to a squad of police and un-badged and street-clothed authority. I sat down and tried to start telling the story, but the story being too large was beyond intelligible while in an emotional state of complete and utter terror.

I thought I was about to die that day and I made some mistakes, but made it out alive, and now I'm not as afraid of absolute power as the flipside to being hunted like an animal is intuition kicks in and when that happens all the senses are heightened it's because we are all partially animals

But you all knew that -- i'm done with that, lets love the new game with Anna's grey lady, I bring the next photo..hmm:

no one should be afraid of learning, especially about other cultures religions, its the only way we all find the commonalities:
i didnt do it, except
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