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"...ah so you've met tweedledum and tweedledee I take it, yes they're quite a pair aren't they..." as the goblin looked over at them while alice calmly continued her introduction without pointing her finger at them directly, saying "...trouble is though goblin, that ever since everyone just called them tweedledumb and tweedledeceive instead, they hit upon revamping themselves as "state news" and "fake news", where it's easy to tell who is whom from where they stand, but not so easy to know which one of them is actually telling you the truth of it, for either thinks themselves truthful enough, yet two conflicting truths just seems so likely goblin, doesn't it just...", alice placed her teacup carefully back upon its saucer while the goblin rubbed his chin a moment before relating "...perhaps time alone is the answer in this dilemma here, yet I don't know though, but it does seem that something which seemed probable goes unquestioned eventually whereas something that seems improbable sits uncomfortably upon one's logic calling for answers even after all these years, but just think of yourself as lucky that they're in disagreement still, I mean it's not as if you need to side between those two, no, you only need to know the truth for yourself alone and leave it at that then..."

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