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Originally Posted by Prodigalson View Post
And how to know the truth, or even if the truth is worth knowing? Is it best to believe nothing, and to search for the hidden reasons behind the utterance of an untruth? For in politics and diplomacy, the truth cannot be spoken, as the results would undoubtedly be predictable and swift. For the game to be played correctly, there must be unsaid meanings behind the words, decipherable only by those players inured to the game, and damned be to hell the stirrings-up caused by the reactions of the uninitiated.

Every falsehood has its purpose, and we are left to find alliances not with whom we find just and good, but with those whose deceit is most excusable.

And I wonder why I grind my teeth.
Falling on our ears the game players play on exposing and covering, tittering as supposed to for there was nothing and the game of illogical psychological role reversals danced about as flee hacked and coughed, hopefully free of his flu. Tag. Prodigalson's in the game and Anna doesn't want to play or privately message no one for reasons oh, why? Because she knows what I know the game blew up and then...

Look. Oh, look. Is it a chess board? Waffle festival? Crop circle? Oh.. No.. Those are just graves. The tents are probably where people were being fed to dig the graves. Not a celebration of sacrafice here, but I'm sure whoever "gave the child the bomb" was having a masquerade with Blood Rose Champagne and albino shark fetus fins.
Who knows what attack this was... Games. Games. Rules Rules. I know how to play a meme raw war emem. How about a song Prodg? Surly you must: Be Good To Them Always
i didnt do it, except
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