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repost from elsewhere, chatting with anna

"...not ready to write..." the muse asked the goblin noting the blanc space in what should have been some fruitful explosion of thoughts by now, yet the goblin also knew that some things just couldn't be pushed, instead the mood would take him eventually when it came then, saying "...either I can write in the depth of my pleasure at being free of work, or I can write in the depth of my displeasure at being hard at work, yet between those two extremes I find little depth at all...", meanwhile the days just tallied up into weeks, and weeks into months too, years in a life that wasn't going to change what one knew for all one's knowing it, smiling "...meanwhile muse, I'm still selfishly here though, still trying to pass the essence of my existence through the focus of my pen as it were, for how something is received is ever their problem isn't it, whereas instead how it is prepared is just ours I guess..."

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