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repost from elsewhere

"...naah, you can do no wrong anna..." smiled the goblin on another one of his days off, then adding "...and no you don't have to post, for it's not a treadmill between us, just I'm listening as ever while coming up with my own views where possible, so let my selfishness be your ears if you like, for either way I have to catch up with the news in my own way today, yes odd that nothing that I think of can actually change anything of that "world stage" there, only that the fact that whatever I thought of in terms of that "world stage" would probably change me in the observation of it...", so the goblin's goal remained to grow wise to the news, stating "...the "world stage" is a law unto itself agreed, where nothing changes for one's knowing of it, but perhaps the one thing worse than holding onto the wrong opinion afterwards is not formulating that wrong opinion in the first place, in other words the "world stage" is just a pack of cards open to interpretation starting with its misinterpretation...", "...ah yes, you're all a pack of cards..." repeated alice looking over the goblin's shoulder at the cards, then adding "...mind you goblin that never stops them from spelling out your future though..."

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