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Originally Posted by DoggedDavid View Post
Brian, I am very sympathetic to you.

Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn was a wonderful novel, and it deplores and he deplored racism, and that novel of course refers to "Nigger Jim."

People who examine literature today are MENTAL MUNCHKINS.

People do not understand that a document, or work of literature, does not necessarily endorse everything contained in that document. The manuscript may contain ideas or words in order to deplore them.

For example, a protagonist in a novel might be a bigot. That does not mean that the author is a bigot. Rather, the author

might be using the protagonist to show how stupid bigotry is.

The book of Exodus discussed the enslavement of the Jews in Egypt. That does not mean that the book of Exodus endorses slavery.

I swear: Idiots and morons and totalitarian thinkers have invaded the academy, and more importantly much of government too, and our society is being debased and destroyed.

Thereís also a website with a list of all the famous novels that contain the word nigger, and actually, the number of occurrences in each. Itís interesting.

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