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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Is Mo still the moderator? I mean, I saw him stop by a while back and poke in, but he's been silent mostly. Maybe we're just less in need of wrangling lately.

I guess proceed with the dick pics, fellas. It's party time!
1. I've been very busy

2. Most have been well behaved or restrained

3. Crowdgather seems less than motivated to fix this place

4. There's not even a teeny tiny issue with the dick picks you've posted. They look like a ghost eating marshmellows in a blizzard. A truly effervescent effort on your part

5.ll the different types reacting to The Trump-A-Palooza or the Trump-Acolypse I have zipped through a novella. I might even share a bit of it after a bit of cleanup work.
If you surrender a civilization to avoid social disapproval, you should know that all of history will curse you for your cowardliness - Alice Teller

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