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Default Keeping up appearances


Letitia, her hair styled ostentatiously with feathers and ribbons, avowed never to reveal her modest background. She would summon the ayah; display every fallal she could lay her hands on; and act oblivious to the arpeggione player, trying to curry favour.

Out of the window, she saw the rooks swooping down into the treetops, preparing to nidulate; then she weaved her way back through the crowded room, smiling at her admirers, mainly old men with paunches and bald heads,but also the occasional young girl longing to emulate her sophisticated ambience.

Suddenly, a dishevelled figure leapt out.

'Well, bless my soul. If it ain't Leila all dressed up like a dog's dinner.'

'Do I know you?' asked Letitia, wishing to disown a bewhiskered old man.

'It's yer old dad, from Islington. Don't you recognise me Leila?'

'What rubbish! And Letitia is the name, not Leila!'

There was a look of disdain for this weasly upstart; but as she hurried out of the room, she knew the truth would soon be common knowledge.