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ok I'm not sure if this is what is expected or not but:

The other day I stopped to buy a pair of tires for the back of my truck. Of course there were dozens of designs to choose from but none of them were what I wanted. I wanted a aggressive tread pattern because we get a lot of snow and they wouldn't have snow tires in for another month. I needed tires now, I don't know how the left rear held air long enough to get to the tire shop. it's got a huge knot on it.

The girl behind the counter, who was as thin as a speed freak kept playing with her hair and just couldn't work the computer with one hand. She told me she was new and was recovering from a gunshot wound she suffered when a nut job of a customer forced her ex-boyfriend to shot her. she showed me the red scar in her side. Strange I thought she had been shot in the head from the way she was acting.

Well the owner came out to help her and he was a lot of help, the tires I wanted were indeed in stock, she had just not loaded the information into the computer.

I told him to put the tires on and he handed off the order to the girl.

I waited a while until I saw my truck being pulled into the shop. Then I waited and waited and waited. The girl took four cell phone calls and I have trouble understanding how she keeps from pulling that lock of hair out of her head.

when my truck was pulled back into the parking area I noticed I had four new snow tires on the truck.

I tried to tell the girl that I only wanted two, but she kept telling me "But we have four" as she kept slanting her head to one side and fiddling with her DAMN hair.

I had to leave the building to get some fresh air - I now understand why she was shot at her last job.

The drama in my head.

I went to the truck and got my weapon, it was time to put an end to this. I check to see if the battery was up and the guard removed before I went back into the tire shop.

She saw me coming, weapon buzzing in my hand and rushed for the shop door "no customers beyond this point" I grabbed her shoulder and stuck the dog clippers to her head, everyone in the waiting room was yelling for me either stop or cheering me on.

when I finished her freakin hair was on the floor, maybe now we'll get better service that she has no hair to fiddle with.
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