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Default The Farmer's Wife And Her Two Shades Of Blue

The Farmer's Wife And Her Two Shades Of Blue

I feel a frisk! Feel light! Feel free!
Don't know what's come over me!
Twinkling eyes,
Burning thighs
Feel that kundalini rise
Hurry home! Feelin' blue!
Got a need, and that need's you.

I washed your shirts and made the bed
The tractor's oiled, the chickens fed
Washed your plate
Greased the gate
All this stuff to lubricate!
Hurry home! Feelin' blue!
There's something that we've gotta do!

Put new slates up on the barn
Still got all your socks to darn
Dropping stitches
Something itches
All this tingling in my britches
Hurry home! Feelin' blue!
I'll spoil the sheets for spoilin' you!

I hung your coat, it smelt of musk
I'm horny as a rhino's tusk
Feeling spry
Don't know why
Babe, I've made you apple pie
Hurry home! Feelin blue!
The kitchen floor will have to do!

Pulled out that tree stump by its roots
And scraped the dung off all your boots
Shelled the peas,
I'm on my knees
There's WOMAN in these dungarees!
Hurry home! Feeling blue!
Unsheath your sword and run me through!

Something got my engine fired
But now I just feel... so darn tired
Same old drill
Pigs and swill
I just need a headache pill
Hurry home.... feelin' blue
Dinner's burnt, I'm mad at you.

My fingernails are black with dirt
My back's sore and my bunions hurt
Such a slog
You're a hog
You'll find your dinner in the dog
Hurry home.... feelin blue
When I wake up I'm leaving you....


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