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Originally Posted by tremor View Post
When it comes to developing your characters, or even creating them- how much LGBT do you include?
I'm currently writing a police drama trilogy, where I've so far featured a lesbian police dispatcher, who is a primary character.
My plan was, in the 3rd installment to have another one of my previously established female characters question her sexuality.
I've since had a few friends read through, and shared some of these details with them. They all thought that I had written my LGBT character well, given her complex backstory, but they questioned the need to have another LGBT character.
I'm not set in developing my characters this way, but I personally feel that this is the way our world is, and that's how I should portray it as.
I also had someone point out that I'm male and have thus far only written lesbian characters; which is, I'll agree extremely one-sided.
Any suggestions or ideas?

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The "previously established female character" is gonna ask the cop if she (the cop) is gay?
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