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Originally Posted by Prodigalson View Post
I know a couple of gay men who emphasize their sexuality to the point that there is no other side of them. Everything comes back to their gayness, and it makes them seem as if they don't believe they have anything else of interest to help define them, i.e., leaves them lacking.
OK. So maybe next time indicate that you have some broader understating.

Because you didn't do yourself any favors with the whole cliche "I must be a lesbian" gag.

It suggests a blinkered outlook -- along with the your keep it private and don't flaunt it comments.

Maybe my view is skewed, because out of all the gay people I know, my family, friends, colleagues etc. I've never met anyone who defines himself by being gay.

And if I did know "a couple of gay men" who fit that description, I probably wouldn't bother to mention it as anything that is significant or noteworthy.

But maybe that's just me.

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