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Brave New World - This book is both my favorite and most loathed story. The future Huxley created is both terrifying and depressing, however what scared me most was that if I were part of the world, I wouldn't have been able to fight it. I doubt anyone could.

The society controls people through selective breeding ((in a way)), brainwashing their children, and giving out free drugs that make you euphoric. This successfully keeps people subdued, not through brute force or fear, but through their pleasures, which of course most of us are weak to fight. By using human nature, Huxley created a distopia that couldn't be fought, couldn't be overcome. If I were part of this world, I would have either fallen victim to the pleasure, or to my own hand, just like the main character.

Reading this in high school was the first time a book made me feel scared, disgusted, and totally helpless.
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