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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
That's all I asked for -- and I'm glad I did. That's an eye-opener and important story. Not sure how I missed it. And I really do listen to the conservative talk radio hosts -- you would have thought they'd be all over this.

Of course, I've heard of social justice wars on campus -- generally they involve shutting down conservative voices.

A conservative speaker (can't remember who) spoke where my wife is now getting her masters degree -- Emory University -- a very liberal campus -- there were protests and a big brouhaha. But the campus and faculty were fairly divided. And at her alma mater -- Richard Spencer was actually allowed to speak on campus despite protests. I thought these were good signs.

This is really about good intentions run totally amuck. And I'm not too surprised -- as both conservatives and liberals move farther and farther away from the center, then naturally, that will be reflected on college campuses -- which of course, tend to be liberal anyway. Maybe the pendulum will swing back -- but that's probably not too likely in the Trump era.

I guess it remains to be seen how many people will carry this thinking forward out of academia and into the real world. At least so far, there isn't much of a platform for this kind of forced social engineering thing in the workplace -- although you see can maybe see the beginnings of it with CEO's etc. forced out over religious or political views. So who knows where it will lead.

I think if you look into it deeper, most of the answers to your questions will be obvious. Iíve been fascinated by this story and the whole movement of this thing on both sides.

Listen to the Bret Weinstein interviews with Joe Rogan. Theyíre long but the podcasts are free(or youtube), and theyíre pretty interesting. There are two with Bret and one with Bret and Jordan Peterson (all three guys).

Conservative talk is probably avoiding it because it seems like a case of the left eating itís own... sort of.

I agree that the corporate world will probably not put up with anything that draws negative attention to them or their products. And I donít think it matters if you are on the left or the right. But some of the laws being passed might become a problem later.

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