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Default Call for short fiction to be made into podcast episodes

Geometric Octopus Podcast is created by Anne Beaudoin, Cosmo Cavanaugh, Kyle Mitchell, and Tracy Medcalf, where we tackle a range of topics sure to peak your interests. Well release discussion segments, sketch and improv comedy, short story readings, and tie it all together with some great music. You can listen to us here.
We are looking for original fiction of any length and genre, although we prefer 5000 words or less. Some weeks we will call for stories containing specific themes that relate to our discussion topics. If a story is a longer than 5000 words we may record only part of it or break its reading up into multiple episodes.
Please email your submission to, or send it to our Dropbox (with your email address included) via this link. There may be a period of several days before we are able to respond to your email. Include a name that we can credit your work to and any information, such as a link to a website or anywhere else you may have published the work, that will help us promote your writing through our podcast.
Please keep in mind that we cannot pay for stories in money, only love. There is no foreseeable submissions deadline, as we will continue to accept content as long our podcast exists, and, as everyone knows, octopi are immortal. For any story sent to us, we will email the copyright holder(s) asking for the right to record a dramatic reading of the work and to feature it in one of our episodes, which are available for free and copyrighted under creative-commons, attribution, noncommercial, no derivatives license.
Calls for stories with specific themes and additional information on submissions can be found on our blog.

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