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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
For anyone who is paying attention -- it's a no-brainer that the Department of Defense provides hardware and facilities to film makers in exchange for a positive or at least not a negative portrayal.

But let's look at all the movies that have come out of Hollywood that portray the military in anything but a positive light. As you mentioned "Apocalypse Now." But also, just about any Vietnam movie -- or more recently "The Hurt Locker."

Or how about movies like "The Fourth of July" or "Coming Home" that didn't require any cooperation from the DOD?

Sorry -- put on your thinking cap. The notion that that military has any kind of control over the film industry outside of a limited kind military action movie doesn't add up -- that is if you actually bother to consider ALL the moves.

Another no-brainer -- authoritarian governments have and will use film as a form of propaganda. DUH.

And Hollywood certainly used film as government propaganda during WWII --- and during the Mccarthy era. But since then -- not so much.

Again, look at what's currently in theaters and tell me wich films exactly can you look at that indicate government or military involvement for the purposes of propaganda?

I can think of one off hand where DOD cooperation might have been beneficial -- but I'm straining to thing of other examples.

Overall, you're talking about a notion that doesn't line up with reality. Thousands of movies and TV programs come out of Hollywood each year -- and how many relate to the military or anything that can be remotely construed as government propaganda?

So in short -- examples please...

Your questions and response would go to the author of the article shared, copy, & pasted, but written by: John Vibes
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