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Default Angel Investors or Hell's disciples

In the summer of 1998, Rex Revorec and Gowin Jackson worked together in an environmental lab in New England. Rex had one year of College under his belt, while studying to get his associates degree in the Environmental Sciences. Gowin was a physics undergrad stuck in a job that was far from his goal, but he made the best of a bad situation.

The co–workers soon became friends. They seemed to respect each other for personality traits that each could see in one another. The lab was a basic assembly line of soil and water. The tasks were boring and repetitious and every day seemed more like a week. Rex was very creative and intelligent, but also had street smarts from growing up in a tough New England city. The city has been touted as the toughest city, pound for pound, in the nation. Gowin was the polar opposite - growing up in the woods of New England with no street savvy at all. He was just a simple and humble person who seemed to care greatly about other human beings with a flare for true honesty. Both of these guys worked closely in the lab for almost two years. Rex was bored out of his skull as usual, he always felt suffocated and controlled in any position that he ever had in life. He was a deep thinker and therefore a member of the suicidal depression club. Life never made any sense because he was so different. Even as a rough guy, Rex had a giant heart and was fast to forgive but reluctant to forget.

Rex got to the point of creatively removing himself from this equation. He always knew that he would be building other people’s dreams, and getting a few pennies for the all out intensity and thoroughness of his work. Well, on queue, the day came to complete frustration when Rex’s boss, Dutch Poppet, snapped the final straw on Rex’s overworked back. Dutch had the gaul to harass him about his work. After Rex had made the company $25,000 to $40,000 a day, the harassment that Dutch was dealing out was unfounded. This harassment, and keeping Rex in a position that he was clearly unhappy with, Dutch spewed his stupidity at Rex for the last time. Dutch was accusing Rex of not completing a lab task that was a “rush” job but was never put through the system. The reason for the task not being completed was that Eddie, the sample input coordinator, lost the soil sample and was too afraid of Dutch to tell him the truth.

Dutch wasn’t all that bright, but he was making a lot of money with his environmental company. Most of the success was due to his partner, and company president Jimmy Ditter. Jimmy was the brain, and Dutch caught a break by aligning himself with Jimmy in College.The day came when Dutch went loony tunes on Rex for the incomplete sample test, and Rex just lost it. He just threw his lab results at Dutch as hard as he could, and told him to fuck off! As he walked out and quit on the spot. He was a very impulsive person, and hated to be accused of things that he did not do; as anyone else on earth would. Rex left that day with a plan that would eventually become a new creation and a new direction for his life, and after a while Gowin followed to pursue a dream of their own. In 1999 Rex created a company called Tech Environmental.

Rex had already been using some company time for the 6 months before he left on a novel and seemingly simple invention. In the lab Rex noticed two inert chemicals working together to create a solid ball when wet. This got Rex thinking. The two chemicals were used in every lab in the world for doing a common soil test in the lab, but no one ever saw what Rex saw. He saw a million dollar idea and he blindly went about creating a new environmental product. At first it was just the two chemicals put together to solidify liquids, and it worked great! After fine tuning the mix and adding a buffer, and another safe and natural scent, a Ph balancing chemical, and he was off to the races.
Rex spent the next painfully grueling 3 years working completely alone on the project. He worked an average of 15 hours a day, including waking up in the middle of the night with a new idea to add on to the creation.

Rex was married the same week that he came up with this new invention and his wife Elana was as solid of a support system as they come. It was full speed ahead with Tech Environmental with Elana by his side. The product in question evolved to become a very unique type of spill containment product; called Bio-Bond. It was trademarked as Bio-Bond due to the distinct nature of the compounds that Rex used to create the prototype . Rex went into this with fully focused, and poured his life into the project 15 hours a day plus; 7 days a week. He would drag Elana into the whirlwind at every chance since he was drowning in the unknown tasks of becoming an inventor. He also went full blast not knowing of any other type of solidifier on the market. That was both a blessing and a curse.