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Default The Righteous Ride of Gallopin' Gallo

Why Motorcycles Can Be Dangerous For You

I heard her scream "HALT!".

Then, but not too quickly,


Me, I had my pants down.
I was crouched in some scrubrush
about forty feet away
from the bike.

She stayed with it
alongside the road.

I was dealin' with
the aftermath of a
roadside taco stand lunch
(from what day I wasn't sure, yet).

Well, I finished up fast and best
as I could- ran, cautiously, back.

Saw the pickup truck- no tailgate-
plank half way out the back and three
guys, like dots, between the truck
and her.

I started putting it together. The first one, a real BIG guy, was layin' on the ground in shock. No movin', no screamin', just lookin'.
Lookin' at where his right knee oughta be.

The middle one was down in kinda a ball shape with the back half of his head missing (well, actually it probably was right there on the gray roadway for that matter). He had gone down on one knee to pull his gun from his boot. Looked like he was lookin' down when he got it. Never saw it comin'.

The one by the back of the truck was on the ground howlin' all sorts of things but I couldn't understand any of it.
Anyhow, I was lookin' at a particularly viscious contraption next to him.
Two feet of pipe with about three feet of chain welded to one end. Someone had woven barbed wire through the chain. Someone had been very busy in the shop.
And, unless I was wrong, that someone was howling with a shattered wrist that made his right hand just sorta flop around.

Then I noticed her restocking her Kimber clip (them .45 rounds look real big up close, huh boys?).

Bein' the gentleman I am by nature I pick up her brass.

We mount and move.

Somewhere in the middle of fourth gear I think "You really never know what's gonna happen when you're out ridin' and you pick up a hitch hiker".

All in all though, things seem to be going well.

Now where shall we have dinner?

[as told to Nick by Galloway]

Nick, you've gone and spelled vicious incorrectly.

Yes, Mr. Pierce, you are quite correct.

Well, aren't you going to change it?

Nah. Anyone that was gonna catch it has come and gone by now.

So now what?

Oh. Well, I was gonna let this part settle down the page and off into oblivion.


Then I was gonna post the next part.

Omigawd! There is more of this...this...this tripe!?

There is always more, Mr.Pierce. Always more.

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