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Originally Posted by PickleBottom View Post
Now that I have your attention, let's talk about sex.

Pay per view is now on the phone, if a guy wanted to (given the dynamics of relationships I am exposed to on TV I would not think it possible for women to want to watch sport unbeknownst to their partners), they could pay a certain amount each month and be able to watch sport on their phone. It is kinda like watching porn without letting "the missus" find out.

The reason being is; in a relationship each participant makes a record of what the other one does for pleasure, and when this person has some pleasure, in a way it is a bit like they are making a transaction at a zero-sum game bank, where the person deriving pleasure incurs a surplus while the other member of the relationship goes into a deficit. So the person who wants to watch some sport may have to put some groundwork into the relationship to give the other member a surplus before withdrawing on this surplus by watching the sport.

The mobile phone changes this, as one member can now secretly be watching football on their phone, for example, by pretending they are going to the toilet to get a shot off to watch a player get a shot off instead etc without creating a surplus!

Ooo... yes. But as I've learned through the adoption of this writing hobby of mine (all on the phone mind you), the missus will eventually notice your absence (however brief), and come to miss or even, dare I say, resent the loss. Or maybe it's your gain she misses or comes to resent. No, I don't mean 'really' resentment, but a little relational game gets played.

Now, we are in our fifties, and the compulsion to procreate has mellowed to a slow simmer in both our pots, where for the first 15 or so years it was all we could do to keep the lid from blowing off. If it weren't for the fact that that kind of activity occasionally produces children (yes, yes, that's the point innit?) it may have continued unabated for longer. Because, well, who doesn't like to do something that feels so good?

Still... even without the biological imperative, the time or gain of the other gets missed. I too find myself wondering what she's doing when she's off on her own enjoying something. That little loss when I'm ready to be paid attention to😀

Or maybe I'm jealous of her gain?
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