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Originally Posted by PickleBottom View Post
You make some very good points, but if a political party and /or the people in power base their platform on hatred towards a group of people, this paradigm becomes a reality for the people who make up the minority group.
So we're saying that a political party in power has based its platform on hatred towards minorities... in the US? In France? In the UK?

Realistically this kind of party or group is relegated to fringe extremism in modern politics. I need to see some kind of codified discriminatory policies before I can really identify an expressly racist regime. This stuff about maybe enforcing border control doesn't really cut it...

There is something quite sinister I think in labelling the wave of 'populism' in its various forms as a racist or fascist movement. They did the same with Brexit. It's probably just another way for largely rich white men to sully the opposition and gain power for themselves rather than any rigorous political analyses. It's like a tick, just call something racist/homophobic/sexist enough times and the SJW's will take to the streets with their placards.

Originally Posted by PickleBottom View Post
This can be observed across the whole world against various minority groups, regardless of the specific characteristics of the people in charge. Unfortunately any wishful thinking by the minority group will not lead towards less discrimination, and tragically these "problems" are trivial to solve.
Sure, and that's one of my main points. Racism and discrimination is not monopolised by white people. Imagine, say, that the Trump government were to confiscate black owned businesses. And for these businesses to be given as gifts to various members of the Republican Party. It would necessarily provoke outrage from anyone who was against what was clearly a racist programme. Yet no heart bleeding for white farmers in SA and Zimbabwe...

Again if you're actually principled, then it's the principle, not the colour.

To go further... my other point was that it's not necessarily majority power, or white power, but power in general. Plenty of occasions minorities have ruled the majority. Take Saddam's Iraq.. a Sunni regime which discriminated against the majority Shia population. After the war Shiites took power and the balanced was reversed leading to Sunni led violence and eventually ISIS. All the same race.

In South Africa the majority, blacks, had it bad under Apartheid. But it's not like the regime is now your friend just because a black government is in charge. If the Apartheid government had ordered to shoot a bunch of protesting black miners we'd call it racism... but that was on the ANC's watch, so then we just call it state power doing what it does, which is closer to reality.

My final point is that I am absolutely convinced that equality of opportunity and/or outcome has never been something you can legislate for (that's not to say you can't legislate against it). It's up to people whether they are to remove their prejudices or not. You can't make people interact with each other in whatever way you'd like according to your preferences, all you can do morally is ensure that is no force employed in these interactions.

In short, power is an end in itself, its goal is more power, and it only discriminates based on what it perceives as a threat towards that goal. And you can't legislate love.
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.

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