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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
I'll repeat what I said:

"I called out Trump based on his rhetoric during the campaign that absolutely appealed to racists -- or at the very least to people who have an irrational fear of Mexicans and Muslims. It's pretty much that simple."

That held especially true in the primaries and was a key factor in how he differentiated himself from his republican opponents.

Like I said, not a platform, PART of the appeal.
Does the fact that it appeals to some racists make it racist? That's the question. And if not, what if it's not racist, and if it's not racist, then it doesn't matter if it happens to appeal to racists, and we also couldn't say one way or another why it appeals to people, could be prejudice, could be rational deduction.

You see what I struggle with is thinking OK well look I could be Black, I could be Muslim, I could be Mexican, and I could vote for Trump for legitimate reasons... and yet someone would just assume I must be akin to a 'self hating Jew' because his rhetoric appealed to racists...

And this is borne out, plenty of members of each group will have voted for Trump... admitting they did is like painting a bullseye on their forehead.
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