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Bill Bryson's books are awesome. Extremely funny and insightful.

I read the diary of Anne Frank not too long ago, and I really enjoyed that too. Though 'enjoy' isn't really the right word to use considering the circumstances in the book :P I just found it really fascinating to read about how she experiences everything that's going on, and I was surprised at how light and positive she wrote about things.

'A year in the merde' and 'In the merde for Love' by Stephen Clarke are also very funny -- France and French customs viewed through the eyes of a witty Brit. Having lived in France for a couple of years, I enjoyed it tremendously because I recognised so much, but I think it should also be a very good read if you're not used to being around French people

Edit: Oh! And the book 'John,' about John Lennon, written by Cynthia Lennon, is also excellent. Really excellent.
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