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Icon5 Epic Fantasy - Races and creatures


I'm currently working on an epic fantasy which will revolve around humans as the primary characters, but I can't decide exactly how wide I want to take the actual "Fantasy".

To me, there three types of fantasy books;

First, the ones such as George RR Martin's series which all the characters are humans, and there are no elves or goblins etc. But there are of course dragons, and even some magicians - which makes the basic fantasy that I usually prefer. Pretty much medieval but includes dragon and to some aspects magic.

Second, the Tolkien books which includes all of the above but also elves, orcs, giant spiders and so forth.

And third, the more expanded fantasy universes which pretty much has no boundaries, there can be any kind of mixture between creatures or completely made up, giving the greatest room for creativity but also in my opinion kind of becomes too much.

Usually i prefer the first sort, but if done right the second can be just as great. But I would like to hear what my fellow writers would prefer to read - what kind of fantasy is the most exciting to you when picking up a new book? I would love to hear why as well, but a simple pick will do as well!

Bonus question: If you were to read a book of the first kind, imagine reading the last book of George RR Martin, and the heroes had traveled to another continent which previously were undiscovered, and all of a sudden elves or centaurs appeared - would you be disappointed? Mad? Excited?

I'm considering such a twist perhaps in a sequel, but I'm afraid that wouldn't be appreciated because I don't think I would like it myself if it happened in Martins books. Anyway, still curious to hear what other writers/readers think!

Best regards,

Swedish student, fantasy fan - Beginner.
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