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Default A serious mitake in the publication

In the article about mythology, where you discuss Indian Mythology it says that Ravana was besotted by Sita's beauty hence he kidnapped her. It was not so. You missed an important part.
Surpanaka, Ravana's sister was besotted by Rama and wanted to marry him when she saw him. Rama stated that he was married and thus Surpanaka went for Laxmana. I am not quite sure what provoked Laxmana(except for the fact that he was married and Surpanaka was drop-dead ugly) but when Surpanaka insisted on marrying him, he cut off her nose with his sword.

She went and told Ravana and to take revenge, he kidnapped Sita and kept on trying to persuade her to have fun* with him.

Also the part of the golden stag(or doe or whatever) is important.

It is said that after Surpanaka told him, Ravana knew that he couldn't kidnap Sita with Rama and Laxmana around. So he asked his uncle Maruch to get those two out of the way. Maruch went in the form of a golden doe or stag or something. Sita persuaded Rama to go after the doe, hunt it and get it to her. After he left, Maruch imitated Rama's voice and cried in agony. Sita, fearing that Rama was in mortal peril, asked Laxmana to go after him. Although Laxmana was hesitant as his brother had asked him not to leave her alone. Sita accused him of having lust for her. At this, Laxmana drew a circle around her, known as Laxman Rekha, which Sita was not supposed to leave. No one could cross this line but Laxmana himself.

Smart as he was, Ravana came dressed as a Brahmin Beggar and asked Sita for alms. She said that she could not leave the Laxmana rekha and hence she could hand the alms from over the circle. Ravana didn't agree and admonished that he would leave without the alms (giving alms to a brahmin beggar is considered an act of greatness). Sol she got out of the circle and Ravana easily kidnapped her and left happily.

You can ignore the golden stag thing, but DO ADD the Surpanaka part as it is essential. The two wars in Ramayana and that in Mahabharata both rotated around women and in both Vishnu's incarnation would have an important part to play
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