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Originally Posted by max crash View Post
just chiming in

and in a general response

some people always see things as rosy

other as more of a black.

I am also having trouble understanding how I am going to have a conversation all by myself (sarcasm mark for those thin skinned individuals ) and are you planning on having donuts at the idiot table, sorry idiet table (I'm not sure just how to take the word idiet (I-diet) - is it a assurance that there will not be donuts or an old Welch word that means to put super glue on your hand and then pull a tigers tail.)

oh and if you're looking for spelling and punctuation when I get going- not going to happen. Think of it as passion and not illiteracy

so when is this deal starting?

max crash

We had a meeting and decided not to let you in. You and chatbot. Sorry. Somebody has to draw a line somewhere. I can take some pics from the inside and forward them if that would help you through this transition😀😀😀