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Hagenīs World.

As they walked into the restaurant (Michelangelo's). They found a place and sat down went over and looked around and couldn't believe how different everyone was. One couple looked like a Celitone and some looked human. Hank was telling Hagen about the world History and its many cultures. Also about area 51. Scary as it is, this area was a secret place. But some of the secrets got out.

Then Detolo noticed a woman looking so much like them way in the background serving drinks.. Hagen look!!

Hagen turned around real fast and could not believe his eyes,, Hank said I knew you would notice her. That's why I brought you here. As she turned Detolo smiled at her and she dropped her drinks on the floor. Hagen and Detolo ran up to her to help her clean up and smiled at her. Hi, my name is Hagen and this is Detolo. She smiled and said my name is Crystal. Where are you from? Hagen asked I canīt really talk long I have to work but when I get a break we can.. She turned and smiled at Detolo. She turned and walked away. Detolo asked Hagen Do you think sheīs from our planet or one of her parents are? She does look a little different.

Crystal Had human skin and a human head with a lion type body. We will talk to her later. Let's get something to eat. Hagen and Hank was just going on about the History of the Earth and its wonderful stories.

Detolo could not get Crystal of his mind. Do you think she's from our planet? he asked again. It could be..we need to first find Slent. Then we can always come back here.. ok. Isn't she beautiful! Hagen smiled yes. Hank found a table and they all sat down.

Hagen looked around and saw so many other humans that looked like creatures from other planets but their skin color was different and parts of the body was changed a bit. Hank! I believe your thought about area 51 is true. After everyone ate and many stories later Hagen was looking around for Crystal. He finally saw her next to door to the kitchen. Talking to someone with the door almost closed. Hagen kept looking at his timer and saw its been already one day. Hagen took out his Gunkerlator and wanted to contact Stap on the ship to let him know everything was OK. Stap was happy to hear from them.

We will be here for awhile but we are getting closer. I am taking pictures and documenting everything. How is everything there? All is good and quiet. Stap said. We will keep in touch.. Got to go. OK, just keep in touch. Soon after that Crystal came by and said. I don't have much time but I can tell you this, my dad is from the same planet you are. My mom is an human. Hagen asked, where is your dad now? He works in the kitchen as the cook. Why don't he try to leave? Well, at first he did but when my mom got worked on with the men from area 51. she got pregnant from my dad. Well, anyway my mom stayed by my dad. She got very ill as its not normal to have a baby from another creature. Anyway, my dad helped her even if he didn't know how to speak to her.

After awhile he learned before I was born to speak the human language. He end up staying here because of my mom. He feel in love with her and she loved him. I told him about you and he wants to meet you. Really!! great. When? How? Tonight after work you and Detolo can come to our house. Here is the address. Crystal turned around and left. Hank said I knew this was a great idea. Hagen looked at him strange and said You knew that this would happen? Hank said yes, there was so many other creatures passing by here. When I saw you I knew I had to bring you here. Thank you! Hagen said. Hagen took out his bag of jewels and said here I give you this. He took out this big ruby and gave it to Hank. He could not believe his eyes.. Do you know how much this is worth? In my planet its worth nothing. Well, here itīs worth more than money. Hank put his ruby away.. Thank you he said again. So how many people live here? Hagen asked. We have over 35,0000 people here. Hank said.

Hagen showed Hank the address Crystal gave him.. Oh that’s at the end of the city. Nice area,, We need to meet up with Crystal later at her house. Hagen said. I will show you how to get there Hank said.
As they sat there Hagen looked around and saw so many different people and other species. He could not believe how the world is like now. More different than what he read about.. People so friendly and life so peaceful.

Finally they got up and started their way out. Hank Said come let me show you around. Hank wanted to show them the town so they went from one casino to another. Played a few games, even Hagenīs jewels worked also as payments. Everywhere they went people were so happy and helpful. After going through the city. Hank thought it would be great to make their way to crystals house. Walking and seeing trees, grass and birds flying around. Hagen felt as if he was at home. They finally made it to Crystals address.


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