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I stared at the blank, very blank, screen with my fingers on the keys and waited for inspiration, surly there was some hook I could find on aquamarine to put me over the top in this contest.

I was still staring at the screen when six year old Billy, a neighbor’s kid that is over too often, came running through the door. He rounded the big recliner (you know it’s sort of aquamarine) that sits in the middle of the library floor just right to catch the morning sun and read. Our pit pull, Izzy was hot on his heels. As he rounded the recliner he slammed into my desk and spilled my morning ice tea all over my keyboard. Izzy hit my chair and I became angry; frustrated and angry with myself over an empty screen and no ideas at all. But now I had someone to blame and I did.

I yelled and was sorry I had almost immediately. Izzy cowered in the corner and Billy’s eyes were as big as pie plates as he stood perfectly still.

The look on his face was more than I could stand and although I tried to put on a mad face; I started to smile. Izzy started to wag her tail and came over to be petted. Billy seemed to realize I wasn’t mad and told me he was sorry. I sent him to the kitchen for paper towels as I picked up the keyboard and let it drain in the trash can.

When he returned with a handful of paper towels my wife was with him and asked what had happened. I told her as I got the can of compressed air from the shelf and tried to dry out the keyboard.

After the mess was cleaned up; I tried the keyboard to see if it still worked.

The test sentence told me that the left side worked, the rght sde ddent wr s gd any mre. And, apparently I use ‘o’ and ‘I’ a lot.

I needed a new keyboard.

I got my truck keys and wallet off the dresser. I grabbed my hat on the way out but didn’t quite get out the door quick enough. My wife asked where I was going…

I told her to get a keyboard. She asked me to pick up several things that were on the list she handed me. I smiled, “I was going to take the motorcycle.”

She smiled, knowing I was lying. “I’ll just go with you and we can take the truck, Billy let’s go.”
Well, I guess I have an entourage.

I opened the door and Billy ran to the truck, my wife followed and I tried to close the door. Izzy was staring at me and cocked her head to the side, OH BOTHER, “Come on, you can go too.”

My wife asked me why I brought the dog. “You know we can’t take her in and the car is going to be hot.” I told her I would get my keyboard and then wait in the truck with the dog. “I can turn the air conditioner on if it gets too hot.”

I waited in that truck for almost an hour, thinking about aquamarine gems and the colors of the ocean; trying to find a unique story. It didn’t come.

I thought we were on our way home so I could again stare at the screen with my finger in the ready position to just type out my masterpiece.

I was wrong. This morning was just not going my way. She wanted to get lunch before we went home. That’s burgers and fries and don’t forget Izzy, no pickle for her or she will just leave it lying in the seat.

Home maybe – the answer is no – ice cream is the correct answer.

I was appointed to hold Izzy’s single scoop in a cup for her to lick. So I got a shake.

We didn’t get home until almost two and I went to hook up my keyboard. I still had no idea what I was going to write and had just about given up on the contest.

I was again sitting, mesmerized by the blank screen when Billy came in to play. I had the urge to toss him out to stop him from stifling my creativity. But there was no need I had no idea what I was going to write.

He played quietly for a while before he asked, “What are you writing about?”

I shrugged, “Nothing, I can’t find a story about aquamarine.”

He nodded and crawled into my lap. “You could write about how he saved the world.”
I asked “what?” He smiled and ran off to the other room.

I wondered what that boy was on about.

He soon returned with a toy, and crawled back in my lap. He showed a scuba diver. I asked “What do you have there?” He smiled, “Aquamarine.”

I laughed out loud, set him on the floor and told him I had to work. He went back to play. I went to work.

‘Aquamarine dives from the high rocks of Cut Throat Cliff into the murky blood laced water of Ship Wreck Lagoon to begin his long swim to the Island of Death. He has to once again save the world from the infamous Doctor Doom...’
if you're writing over your readers head - tum etiam, ut graece scribens --- the secret of success changes;the truth of failure remains constant; if you try to please everyone you will fail.

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