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Default Happy Birthday

Midday Sunday drivin' my '92 Ford Pickup when the motor stops makin' on noise. Listenin' to the radio as I neutral coast to a shady spot.

AAA comes, we go to a car repair shop where I part time weekend help. Owner is doin' paperwork and checks out truck. Says I need to take it to another repair shop he recommends Monday morning.

7:am I'm at his shop callin' AAA.
Same driver shows up, I toss my bicycle into pickup bed and we go to new place.

Leave it and I bicycle home.
1st shop owner calls me and asks what's up.
I tell him I'm just waitin' for a diagnosis call.

He offers the use of his car for the day. I bicycle to his shop (again) and drive his car the 12 miles to my job.
Monday is always the most work day. The guy I work with ain't there and, an hour late, my boss is glad to see me.

Tues. & Wed. the boss pays
Uber fare to ferry me

That's enough and I figure to ride my '75 Sporty to Thursday work and Friday if the truck ain't fixed (timing belt broke).

Putt to store Wed. eve for groceries.

Now I'm in the parking lot waitin' for AAA to show up.


The scoot won't fire off.

I think it is the solenoid but know enough to not try fixin' stuff in the field when I can do it at home.

And after this I still have one more tow from AAA then I must pay (until I re-up in October).

Oh, the title?

This body is 66 years today.

Party on, y'all.

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?

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