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repost from elsewhere

" a way you have your own journey to self in front of you any time you open a slot like this..." ventured the goblin, adding "...just think of what you could post if you kept at it day after day, ah but not for just a few months now, no, for years on end I mean, and all that while continually storing and polishing those posts that you felt to be your best, wouldn't you then know who you are by what you posted, and have a real treasure in hand too...." ventured the goblin, who used random threads in this way then, that is, while all along, the goblin welcomed those other members who came and went but the truth was that they didn't know who the goblin was, any more than he knew who they were either, "...ah, it always remains this masked ball here then..." concluded the goblin trying to get the most out of it, and wishing well, and continuing while he still could

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