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Ah now perhaps was the time to realize further - a curious anomaly was the mind of the goblin - thinking in the quandrum of self and world. I was forced to ponder the motive and source, but no matter perhaps. What could describe the abruptness of presence on a trivial matter, as it were, the last post as a game to win?

So then a realization - two paths to take - that which to refining an art subjected to the whims of each subjective mind's economic bias to the notorious moneygod, or that which could lead somewhere else, somewhere more vague, to me it seemed, but tipping the scale in a way. Or maybe it was somewhere in both of them. "If it's really your passion, don't make it your job." Ah then I ask again, and see that my work is right and wrong in that it is in my questioning's lack of answers, but what would I write if it weren't?

Man I want to burn my posts sometimes. I don't know if I could ever do what you do.
"...the whole world stinks so no one's taking showers anymore."
_ I.B.

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