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"...and thus it starts..." replied the goblin, liking the post, adding "...though there's never any need to burn one's posts, they are what one builds up in their reposting each time, one looks back and thinks, "that didn't work" or "that's not what I meant" and then reposts the rewritten post elsewhere on forumland, until finally once has something true to oneself, a reflection of self then, or at least something to still go on perhaps...", and then the goblin turned to the other point, that divergence of oneself from one's dailylife, explaining "...true, that is probably the biggest shift within oneself, the fact that those externals lose their luster, simply they were never yours to begin with, just that at a certain age one enjoys their use or hungers without them, but they don't equate to oneself, besides old age simply plucks them away leaving one looking at oneself again, pity to only discover oneself in one's old age, but fools have to learn the hard way I suppose, not us now...", and with that, the goblin too, knew that here was another post on his journey that needed editing

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