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repost from elsewhere, the woman's interest "last post" thread

the music fades out, meanwhile anne robinson, mean as ever, plays grim reaper hurling insults across the deck till that ever final shout of " now it's time to vote off the weakest link...", where the man in the background cuts in reminding viewers of the score, saying "...well, with absolutely no wrong answers the strongest link has to be the goblin, while, with no right answers at all, the weakest link are motley mums brigade of this forum, ah but will the voting reflect this..." the contenders then slowly raze their large cards with the name of their target, reading "flea,flea,flea,flea,flea,flea,flea,flea,sarah palin,flea,flea,flea", so the goblin does the walk of shame here, but once given the mic, says "...well, I am not quite sure about this democracy thing, I mean any chance of a recount here..."

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