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("...well just remind me that if I ever try to emulate those writers whom I actually admire it might entail my becoming someone given over to drink, suffering from bouts of depression and self doubt, being penniless, and becoming recognized posthumously too, might have a bit of trouble with the last one though..." observed the goblin suspecting instead that one could only ever be oneself really, and oneself for all one's faults too, then adding " Balzac's day everyone read books since there were few other intellectual distractions, yet today the average american reads one book a year so writing is not about emulating the greats of some bygone yardstick now, no it's more about getting up in the morning, putting those base motivations of "fame and fortune" to one side, and then just seeing if you can catch with your pen an adventure that eludes you mostly for readers whom one tries to elude mostly...", in fact, the goblin never knew which was really worse now, having spent the adventure up inside or being caught tight in the grip of those reader's expectations there, smiling "...guess I'll settle for my anonymous recognition then, something like just an adventure in the writing of it, and dead once it's written...", just livewriting he meant)

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