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Boinx, I believe Quandy has decided to leave us here. Nice logical reply though. Drinks for every one? Mmmm I only can find the scotch though.

By the way, very good points made Goblen

leila, glad you enjoy Conrad as well. Defused? Can you elaborate on this? Do you refer to his way of bringing in things that doesn't' seem to be relevant? Although when you look through the entire book, they suddenly show to be significant? I have to say, it takes a few read in order for one to really be able to take in his works. Which have you read? I have to say that despite him being one of my favourite writers, I hated him when i read him the first time. We had to read Heart of Darkness in grade ten, about 3 years ago, and man, was reading that like struggling through the Congo. Although it was probably his intension to do that. haha

Who do you find inspiring? I see you like Verne, fantastic writer. I also absolutely love his stuff. I do think his style is more sorry like, so easier to follow and understand, though he often also works with deeper themes which I find fun to discover.
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