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Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
people are people gay or not
I dislike these labels blasphemed against individual on the ground of their sexuality
we should not be calling people names such as straight gay and so
on I think we need to find a different better way of addressing each other and the rest including sex is none of our business.
Nacia, I once stated that you are ahead of the field (in your thinking). And your post does confirm it. Essentially, when we get down to the bare bones, we are all "one," a fact which you have no problem acknowledging.

But, for the vast majority of us stuck in the back of the pack, we must use adjectives to make a point. I'm not disrespecting anybody by using the labels straight and gay. I just don't want to confuse the pack; besides, at our level, we have to be specific to understand one another. Plus, how else could I tell my story?

You are already in the advanced class, so be nice to us beginners.

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