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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
Mr. Pierce?

Yes, Nick?

I am concerned that I may have inadvertently made an insensitive request here.

How so, Nick?

Noting the non response I am beginning to wonder if the commentor is blind.


Well, you see (no churlish pun intended) being blind, presumably from birth, would prevent any knowledge of colour thereby making preferences impossible.

Yes, Nick. That seems plausible. How do you account for the initial reading of the poem?

Oh, I would figure a not sighted person would have friends that help out with things.
I myself used to hang with Blind Peter Stein and would con him when we were out in his rowboat with him at the oars.

Oh, I ... er ... I understand now.
Why do you suppose a friend would not relay your query?

I guessin' out of consideration for both my ignorance of the actual circumstances and 'cause they wanna be nice to their friend.

Nick, all of that may be accurate but it does seem to embody a great deal of presumption and very little fact. Don't you agree?

Yep. But in America, these days, that is how we citizens tend to function.

Yes, Nick.
I do s ... ahem ... point taken, Nick.
Yep, that should bait an answer.

Sure her friend will be delighted to facilitate interaction with a ramblin' schizophrenic...
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