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Default Minimum Wage Warrior

Naughty words and such- sensitive types turn back here

He must have heard me coming. Goddamn, fucking autumn crispy leaves on sidewalk noise. SHIT!

Turned the building corner into a creep with a Glock (I guess) held right handed at belly height. He had his elbow at ninety degrees next to his hip, forearm level, barrel stickin' out like a priest dick at a boy scout jamboree.

Amateur. O.K.

Only one move that I know of for this set up. Step to him with left foot, get torso into a forty five degree angle. Use left hand to clamp the gun hand flat on my left kidney.

Alright, so here comes his left fist to temple smack me. But he only gets a bit of ear edge 'cause I was dustin' off his eyebrows with Ki Kaku Ken to tighten him up while pullin' a .22 cal. derringer from right rear pocket.

O.K. Only gonna get the one shot. Bring the right forearm up behind my head, use the elbow to foul a few of these left hand hits that are raining on my parade. Get my knuckles against the left ear- this is gonna be loud ( but them rounds goin' off from the Glock puttin' holes in my jacket and shirt while lookin' for my spine are loud too so WTF ).

Now cock my nose to the right of his, lightly clamp his lower lip betwixt my teeth ( don't want no unknown HIV blood in my mouth ). He sees the over and under black holes in the blue steel. Good. His eyes go wide. Excellent!


Sag tells me the bullet entered clean. Did it ricochet or exit? Ahhh, who gives a fuck. Drop the meat sack. Check for his back up.

Nuthin'. Workin' solo. Amateur, amateur, amateur.

Spit into the gutter ( earn your pay, CSI ).

Now back on my way to work. Better hurry. We're doin' inventory today. Boss said if I was late he would kill me. Can't let that happen.

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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