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Icon14 Esther Holmes

Hey there, can I get a picture? It lasts longer.

I guess I should've introduced myself before barging into your face, it's a little habit of mine, part of being in the paparazzi I guess.

Well I'll start by saying I'm Esther Holmes, photographer for the popular city newspaper, Spectrum. As you can tell I've got a bit of an up-in-your-face personality and a bit of a pushy and stubborn attitude. But please don't let it scare you away, I've dealt with enough of that.

My career as a working photographer first started off when I stepped off the train into Chrome City when I was 18. I had left the bustling crime capitol of the country Detroit to attend CCU, Chrome City University, a prestigious college I previously enrolled in.
Seconds after leaving my new apartment (new is a loose term, I would prefer the word uninhabitable) I had a very peculiar encounter. You see, Chrome City is a growing city in northern US, and with all great cities there came great crimes. So before I further digress, the encounter I faced was the event that kickstarted my career at Spectrum.

While shopping for new furniture in downtown Chrome, there was a great uproar. Abandoning the sofa I was inspecting moments before, I rushed outside with every other civilian to see a rather... shocking site. A man dressed in a costume, I would later learn his name to be Nate Evers AKA Paradigm. But I prefer the nickname of The Masked Idiot. Either way, this man was in the midst of a heated battle with what I would later know is serial killer and psycho Leo Pasaden, #2 on the FBI's Most Wanted List. Grabbing the camera always situated around my neck, it was a habit of mine to carry the prized possession with me at all times, I was able to push my way through the throngs of people and snap some good photos.

Now, it wasn't until a few weeks later when my school semester started that these pictures would reappear. Nearly forgetting the event completely, I had invited a classmate over to brainstorm ideas for a Photography project, requiring an album of pictures for a passing grade. It was then, while looking through my camera for ideas, that the action pictures reappeared. My friend had convinced me to enter these ideas for project under both of our names and doing so, my professor was thoroughly impressed and believed these quality pictures could get me somewhere.

And that is how I end up at my current predicament. Now graduated from college, at 23 years old I am the Head of Photography at Spectrum News in Chrome City, my main target it photographing headline stories and crime events, most pertaining to Paradigm.

And so begins the adventures encountered with Nate and the sprouting supervillains arising in the proud city I inhabit.

(Poor character description, I'm sorry. This is pretty much the character background for one of the MCs in my new novel and I wanted a little feedback on her development.)

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