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Originally Posted by Unpredictabloo View Post
Well, that's true. Lemme rephrase, just for kicks. Assuming that "villain" = character who crosses generally accepted lines of what is good or bad, and also assuming that the author abides by those generally accepted lines, it is probably harder to write a villain because it is difficult to justify actions that we believe are wrong. And yet, it's necessary to do just that in order to write a villain believably: portray why the villain thinks their actions are justified.
Thanks. That's what I was trying to say earlier. It the writer wants a round character they need to explain the thinking behind the actions of the bad character. And to do a good job the writer has to understand and feel that pov. Which is why I find it harder to write well for 'bad' guys because on an emotional level I hate them.

If the writer is satisfied with flat cardboard bad guys this is no problem. Just let them be evil and to hell with explaining. But that's like writing bad guys for teenage air heads.


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