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Something More?

This is a mirror,
But is that all?
Is it simply a looking glass,
Hung on the wall?

Or is it something more?
Something exciting or fun?
Once I step through,
Have my adventures begun?

Maybe I'll be a gallant knight,
Or I just might be a king.
Perhaps the court jester?
I could be anything.

Anything I want,
An eagle, or a falcon.
Or how about a billy goat
At the top of the mountain?

I think I'll be a dragon,
Fierce and breathing fire.
Even better, a robot!
That way I'll never tire.

I attempt to dive through,
Ready to explore,
Completely forgetting
This mirror's on a door

The door swings open,
The mirror falls
I guess it was nothing,
But a mirror after all.

Now my hands and knees
Are scratched and cut
And all I really got
Was seven years bad luck.
I was afraid because a gorilla was after me. The sledge hammer was kind of redundant at that point."