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"A little girl was walking through the border between reality and a mirror. Her legs were trembling and her steps unstable, and part of her was awfully scared, but her brave side insisted on going on until the end.
Not a long moment passed until she reached it a huge, weathered wizened tree. The little girl watched it carefully and, distressed, started to cry.
Calm down, child. Why are you crying? said the wizened tree with a soothing voice.
I *sob* Im growing up, and I want to be a kid forever! said the little girl, pointing at reality.
But you are still a child, there is nothing to worry about the wizened tree said, looking at itself and its badly shaped body, and then turning around to see the image of reality the girl was pointing at.
B, but Ill grow up, a, a and Ill continue to grow up until Im a withered-weathered-wizened old cat lady woman!
The full moons the same, you know? Its glow is duller from time to time, but the full moon never changes from the inside - and still is as beautiful as she was since the beginning.
The little girl turned her head to see the full moon in its entire splendor. Then she turned her head to the other side and saw it reflected on a lake, still bright, still beautiful. She suddenly stopped crying.
The girl hugged the tree as hard as she could, and proceeded to run to reality."


[a little comment on the story. If you don't wanna read the comment, move ahead! ]: 'Sleepy Sabrina and the Menacing Death' much, huh? He he. This story was made with the intention of giving a feeling a bit darker than my usual, but then I screwed it up and ended up writing a happy ending . As with my Sleepy Sabrina story, the protagonist is a little girl - something I hope won't happen again anytime soon! Anyways, right now I'm writing a story that happens in the border between dreams and reality, so I thought it would be fun to make a similar story, but with the mirror theme from the Winter Contest. Most of it was improvisation, and I had to cut out some stuff to get it under the 250 words limit (the story, in fact, has 250 words), so be warned it might not read all that good. I hope you enjoy it!
"I had a yellow cat.
He watched me grow up, and I watched him grow old."
He also stole my money
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