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repost from elsewhere

"...nice blog..." went the goblin who had read that question within it that asked whether the year 2020 would be seen in 2020 vision too, to which the goblin just replied " I suspect that it will all collapse far sooner than that though, in that the "dot com bubble" in 2000 occurred just before the change of president, and did the "sub prime bubble" of 2008 with another change of president too, where next will be the "derivatives bubble", which if and it does occur will be bigger than both the "dot com bubble" and "sub prime bubble" combined, after all it could well it be now seeing that the outgoing president has nothing to loose in not agreeing to bailout terms the situation, or then again it could be the federal reserve that raises interest rates as if prove that the economy is doing well only the crash things instead, who knows really, only that shall we admit that it is this moment again in the cycle by looks of things, not in year 2020 then but in year 2016...", yet to the goblin this was only the biggest on the baddies as it were, where many baddies seemed out there, and where the world slept on quite lulled on by the media as it were, meanwhile though the powerless goblin frantically watched on keeping ward with his pen, not that it changed anything though, no it simply meant that he was awake by it


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