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("...yes if you write then those dreams can be very vivid Prod..." mentioned the goblin who at times needed a rest from his dreaming, explaining " loop between what one writes out and what one writes inwards while doing it...")

repost from elsewhere

"...well, what started off with me looking for those orchids that I liked has slowly evolved somewhat at a cost financially together with the pain of loss against all my efforts too, into something with hindsight that has me now looking for those orchids still, yet only those that like me back in their way by thriving..." smiled the goblin adding "...truth is that orchids are like most things, some fair better under one set of circumstances while other given the same circumstances fair poorly dying even, so without going into details here, I'll just say that if you go out of your way to look after something then it won't last long for the unsustainability therein, likewise posters who post solely for the forum's sake basically out of kindness, and writers who hate writing but who are out for personal gain, are unlikely to last long under the strain of it as seen, pity isn't it, however if you find something that comes to you naturally, then you have it for life...", smiling "...ah but you won't know what comes naturally to you if you sit on your pen like this, you see, me I'm anonymous and have no real reason to write this post here any more than I have any real reason to care for those orchids neither, yet no reason is the best reason of all, for then it's by your nature instead, ah yes, you by your posts alone for no reason whatsoever, you by your pen as if were, so welcome to forumland here if you would care to make it your home still by your posting for no reason really..."


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