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repost from elsewhere, chatting with the gatecrasher,

"President Putin over-reacted." the gatecrasher concluded, "He had sixteen years in the KGB and tons of political experience but he doesn't know anything about rocket science. Those people at Roscosmos know all about launching rockets into space so no way they should ever be criticized for wanting perfect launches. The first launch from the new Vostochny Cosmodrome was total win!
Rolling the rocket out for the launch
The Launch
The News about the launch

He knew that politicians had training for politics and business but not very many ever had training for tech careers. He also knew that launching a rocket to orbit is one of the most difficult things anybody can do and there will always be issues. And this is only the beginning. Moving forward with Vostochny - the first civilian spaceport inside Russia - means also launching manned spaceflights and heavy rockets. And that means more infrastructure and time. But this was the first step and a total win! More wins later and the gatecrasher couldn't wait to see those too!
"...beautiful sight..." went the goblin thanking the gatecrasher and remembering simpler times in his childhood when it was the apollo moon landings, in fact he didn't care which country managed it, just that someone got to the moon was all that mattered to him, then adding "...putin is probably worried that a failed launch would reflect badly upon the prowess of russia, where I'm sure that it's the same with all leaders worldwide, that there is always someone ready to step into his shoes should he alienate his own powerbase, where if it's politics then the rule of thumb in the west is that the assassin cannot become the leader by the assassination, for example micheal hesetine upon failing to win the vote for leadership against the then prime minister magaret thatcher, orchestrated her ousting after he had lost, thus he dethroned her yes, yet his penalty was not to be allowed to become prime minister in her stead...", in fact, historically there were exceptions such as benjamin disraeli after the party split apart leaving no other choice to go up against gladstone, smiling "...ah, but in politics what rule doesn't have its exception..."

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