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repost from elsewhere, the "what are you eating" thread

"...just another day with a coffee and a croissant then..." ventured the goblin looking out from the bistro at a troubled sky over a winter's street, while cars whizzed by on a tarmac road lined by gray cold damp paving stones meant for the passers by, simply those people preoccupied by their dailylife who were either shopping, or commuting, or meeting others perhaps, anyway going somewhere in their plans then, but no what they were was really doing was eating through their moments as it were, they were eating the very sinews of society that in turn ate them back, merely the goblin was no different from any of them really, save that he was also eating it all to his pen too, just that his writing stopped him from taking it for granted he hoped, sighing "...I mean what's the point of it all if one is then so preoccupied within it..."


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